Study Objectives:

  1. Help animals to calm its fears,
  2. Fit Tipi for animals, develop a specific method.
  3. Develop, ultimately, an emotional support methodology for those who do not or no longer speak (Babies, adults deprived of speech, deaf, dumb, Alzheimer’s ) or don’t even speak the same language! ?
  4. Demonstrate that emotional regulation exists and functions at will.
  5. Add additional evidence via a neutral and impartial support (animals), Tipi is efficient and can be applied on human unwanted emotions.


The study resulted in a real knowledge and know-how:

We hope to amaze and interest you in this study.
The resolution of most of animal fears is now possible and accessible for everybody.

What are the benefits to participation ? you will meet :
– The opportunity to understand, experience and learn this method.
– The ability to better identify animal fears.
– The complete resolution of behavioral difficulties of your horses.

Since the discovery of the Tipi Technique (, a natural process of resolution of human negative emotions, Olivier Hibon wondered how to adapt it to animal fears.

For the initial trial phase, for practical reasons, we will limit our study to horses.



Olivier Hibon manages a team of enthusiastic researchers.

– Assumption : Tipi can get rid of fears in humans with high efficiency, so it should be the same for animals.
– Our expectation : a simple technique, rapid and accessible to everybody, that can also be applied to horses.
– The developpment Program for the study :
1. We envisioned how Tipi could be transposed to horses emotional disturbances.
2. We developed the first protocol for Tipi for Animals.
3. We will perform a significant number of experiments in hopes of confirming its efficacy and efficiency as well as identifying any limitations.

Thus far, we have had very encouraging results.  Our goal is to increase our sample size to validate the study.

A video of a mare that was afraid reels and panicking when a car came face.